ART. 1150

Men's slipper

Casual soft buffered calf slipper with printed plot effect
Super slim flexible leather bottom

ART. 1224

Men’s laced shoes

Formal shoes in calf brushed leather with original laser stitchings
Elegant double profile leather bottom

ART. 3987

Men’s derby shoes

Elegant derby shoes in brushed calf leather with dovetail lasered edge
Super slim leather bottom

ART. 1024

Men’s derby shoes

American vintage shoes tip straight with upper plot effect in brushed calf leather
Genuine leather bottom

ART. 1031

Classic oxford shoes

Revisited with micro-punched calf upper
Natural leather bottom

ART. 1186

Classic derby shoes

In brushed calf with renewed lines and inverted stitchings
Genuine leather bottom

ART. 1226

Lasered derby shoes

In brushed calf leather with the particular lasered effect
Double profile leather bottom.


Sport derby shoes

Casual soft hand-buffered calf. Perforated leather
Ultralight built bottom

ART. 69. Woman

Classic laced women’s shoes

In buffered calf leather with lasered details
Leather bombé bottom

ART. 67 Woman

Fantasy - Lace Up

In brushed calf with perforated tip detail
Leather bombé bottom